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The clarinet has always been present in music history.  Since Wolfrang Amadeus Mozart put this instrument at the top as a soloist instrument, the clarinet has always remained in the music scene and in the minds of composers as a relevant, well-loved and respected instrument for all the technical and sonorous possibilities it offers.

The twentieth century follows this trend, not only in the field of classical music, but also in popular music from different cultures (especially Eastern European and Mediterranean music) and in the genre which then arose: Jazz.

Clarinet was very important in early jazz, now known as Dixieland, Swing-era or Classic Jazz, both in individual and collective use, with a great role in all orchestra's dancing acts at that time, giving some of the great soloists of this instrument, such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Woody Herman.


'The Glenn Miller Orchestra could not have achieved their legendary sound if it had not been for his ensemble consisting of the woodwinds: a tenor sax plus solo clarinet, bending melodies, which gave that as the original sound" (Jazz Legend, 2011).


But with World War II, Swing and dancing ended. What had been light, sparkling and enthusiatic melodies, gradually became more elaborate melodies, not only based on harmony and rhythm.  The melodies became more difficult, more complex and darker... Bebop was born and jazz was preparing to undergo a big change.

- What happened to clarinetists?  Why are there not many important clarinetists in the jazz scene of that time?  Is the clarinet still used in jazz today? .


This web is created to answer these questions and to analyze the role of this wonderful and versatile instrument in the current music scene, as well as to encourage and support the use of clarinet in all kinds of contemporary musical styles.


Clarinetjazz is an open and dynamic platform for all those contemporary clarinetists who want to share their experiences. Here we can band together to put the clarinet in its rightful place.


Clarinetjazz also seeks to divulge and develop this project, so it is not directed only to clarinetists or professional musicians, but to the entire audience that is interested in these topics. To lovers of music in general and the clarinet in particular.



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